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Rudy Peters, Candidate for US Congress


There are multiple reasons, and if you read below and then click the “Issues” tab you’ll see several important issues laid out, with my position on each of them clearly outlined in plain English.

However, there’s another, shorter reason… far more important than any policy issue.

I’m to the point—or rather, our District and State are to the point—where I felt like I only had two options…

Either leave California, or stay and fight for what I know is right.

We’ve gotten that far off track. I know it, and more important, you know it.

This campaign isn’t built on catchy slogans and sound bites. Right now, what we need in Washington is what the vast majority of the country is asking for, regardless of party affiliation…

Calm, Competent, Common Sense Leadership.

Leadership that’s more interested in doing the right thing—for our district, for our state, for our nation—than in continuing the current “standard” in Washington: doing absolutely nothing except engaging in polarizing partisan politics.

I’m interested in doing the opposite of that. Look at my positions on some of the most important issues facing us, and you’ll see I’m much more concerned with arriving at workable solutions than in simply “beating the other side.”

So please, go through my site and see where I stand. If you feel I represent your beliefs on the majority of these issues, I would very much appreciate your vote in the general election in November. And if you disagree, please make a cogent case for your differing opinion and drop me a line at the contact page—I’m always open to listening to any of my potential constituents.

Thank you,

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