The Issues


Illegal Immigration

What are the compassionate yet practical solutions to deal with the growing problem of Illegal Immigration in California?


What makes the most sense when dealing with the issues surrounding DACA?

Immigrant Visa Programs

How should the Visa program be run?

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Health Care

  • Lower costs
  • Raise quality of care
  • Share in prescription costs to bring down drug prices
  • Ensure availability of basic health services for all Americans

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Protecting Our Citizenry

Illegal Firearms

What are the right choices when it comes to preventing school shootings?

Second Amendment

How do we balance the right of all Americans to protect themselves with the growing need to keep guns from those that would break the law?

Fight Against Terrorism

How do we combat the ever increasing threats to our country from the scourge of  Terrorism?

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Highways, Roads, Bridges, Public Transportation...

Our country's infrastructure/framework has deteriorated beyond belief.  Some states are worse than other.  Unfortunately for us, California is near the top of list for states suffering from complete ineptitude and corruption when it comes to maintaining our highways, roads, bridges, public transportation etc.

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Fiscal Responsibility


The government doesn’t make a dime of its own money - it all comes from the taxpayer. 


We’re so used to being “top dog” in the world many Americans can’t conceive of the USA as a semi-failed-state like Greece.


A broke nation is an unsecured nation.

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Protecting Social Security

Social Security long-term shortfall

Social Security benefits are predicted to be depleted by 2034. Thereafter, the program is projected to pay out only 75% of promised benefits.  There are roughly 10,000 baby boomers who turn 65 every day. And since 2010, Social Security has been running a cash-flow deficit.

Solvency and Sustainability

Federal Government stop appropriating Social Security funds for any purpose other than paying Social Security benefits.
New jobs—especially for younger workers—add to the SSI tax base and address deficit reduction… a win-win situation

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Cyber Security

Protecting our Critical Infrastructure

Virtually all our electrical, communications, governmental and military resources are controlled via the web.

Protecting our Financial Institutions

The threat to our entire way of life is far more vulnerable than most everyday American understands.

Protecting our personal Identity 

As individuals, our vulnerability is also extremely high.

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Teaching our Kids

We've got to restore sanity to our educational system and focus on educating our kids.

Supporting our Teachers

Teachers need our respect, appreciation and most of all support.

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